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Real Testimonials from WAGs Participants 

Here is feedback from past WAGs participants. This proven method for building a habit to write more is having a significant impact on the careers of those who've gone the way of WAGs. 

“We all got our Ks!”

 “I can’t thank you enough for these WAG groups. My group is now halfway through (5 sessions down, 5 to go), and I have never been more productive. Also, having the group to share experiences and advice has been invaluable, and the group is already talking about re-upping for another 10 weeks, to continue this momentum.” 

“I am on track to have my most productive writing year ever and I would like to continue to WAG.”

“This process has been one of the best and most influential things that I have done for professional development, I can already see the impacts that it is having on my work process and productivity – and how I see myself as a scholar.


"I credit this process for progress on a challenging paper that is important to me but that I do not think I would otherwise have ever 'conquered' – it is now with my co-authors…I have a goal of 10 journal articles this year in which I hope to first-author. The WAGGING process may make this goal a reality. THANK YOU! I have also just loved my deepening relationship with my colleagues."

“It has been an exhilarating, energizing, networking and productive experience. We plan to continue the WAG.”

“Thanks for the help. …the advice and support in creating this new work habit were invaluable. I think that committing to 30 minutes a day is more than just the writing. It is a way of restricting and prioritizing your time that keeps manuscripts always on the top of your priority list instead of waiting until you have time.” 

"The article I have been working on in my WAG was submitted and accepted for publication! The first day my WAG group met our initial discussion on what we were each working on led to a discussion about my work, which was a major revision of an article.  The group told me I should ask for an extension for the revision... so, I did and the fact that they encouraged me to ask for that extension was key.  Then we met weekly and I worked on that revision, and I submitted it last week and heard Monday that it was accepted without any further revision needed! Total success, and beyond the due date issue, I likely would not have successfully gotten that manuscript done in time if not for the WAG."

Learn about the origins of WAGs & why WAGs creator Dr. Skarupski is so passionate about helping people write better on our podcast:

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